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Monday, September 10, 2012

Checking In With Derek Asbun

Asbun played with Wasps in the Premiership 7's this summer.
Photo from palerimages.photoshelter.com.
A couple of months ago we talked with Eagles forward Derek Asbun about his performance in the Eagles summer assembly as well as his plans for the future. We recently caught up with Asbun to get an update on those plans.

This Is American Rugby: You've been training with Rosslyn Park and played with them in the preseason. How did that come about?

Derek Asbun: I spoke with the Coaching staff at Rosslyn Park explained my situation, and they invited me along to participate in their preseason training and games once I had finished my dissertation.

TIAR: You haven't registered with the club so are you currently looking for other options? Is Rosslyn Park an option?

DA: Due to my overseas status, Park is not an option. So I am now looking to put myself in the best possible training environment and keep looking for other opportunities that may arise.

TIAR: The Americas Rugby Championship is coming up. If selected, what kind of opportunity would that be for you as a player?

DA: It would be great, as a young player it is exactly the kind of tournament I want to be a part of. Quality international competition and an chance to represent the US make it a great opportunity to get better as a player.

TIAR: Have you thought about giving 7's more of a go?

DA: I love playing 7s, but lately most of my opportunities have been in 15s. I am not against the idea, but living where I am and trying to gain more experience at hooker has me focused on 15s for now.

TIAR: Congrats on graduating from Oxford. What was your thesis?

DA: Thank you, I wrote my thesis on the British Empire. It was titled 'Branding Empire: Queen Victoria's Jubilees and the Rise of Imperial Propaganda.'

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